Thierry Ameller
Thierry Ameller describes himself as a citizen of the world. Early in his life, he decides to leave his native country to study Photography, Cinema & Television, in England. Exhibitions of his photographic work will be displayed at the Canon Gallery in Paris and The Photographer’ s Gallery in London.

His thirst for new horizons will lead him to Caracas in Venezuela, and Miami in The United States of America where, as a full time advertising photographer, he will produce graphic campaigns for all major advertising agencies and for most reputable international clients. He will receive many awards for the quality of his work. He has also worked as a director of photography for full length movies and has directed television commercials.

After England, Venezuela and Florida, he moves back to his own roots in the South of France and becomes a full time resident in Nice. He is currently creating Videos and photographic images for the Marine Industry.

A life long love for the sea, and a professional life dedicated to creating advertising images in Cine, Video and Photography, together with the privilege of living in the heart of the French Riviera, are the ingredients that give Thierry the ability to put his skills to the service of the Marine Industry, to conceive a new visual and creative point of view, which undoubtedly contributes to offer beneficial results to fulfill its client's needs.

Although, during the 30 year span of his professional life, he has been assigned more than 5000 different jobs, some with the maximum responsibility in directing large teams of technicians and models when the highest level of quality was required, and when experience does make the difference, Thierry Ameller, always ready to shoot at a moment's notice, will take the latest assignment with the same fervour, emotion and passion, as he did the first.